Reservation and recovery

How to create a copy of the project and how to recover it

All of us underestimate the importance of backing up until the very moment we need to recover something. Backing up is free and you can create an infinite amount of them. If you have a difficult bot logic which you’ve spent A LOT of time creating, reservation is of utmost importance.

How to clone the project

How the reservation (cloning) works:

A new project is created and the bot’s scheme is moved into it without any changes. The CRM settings also are reserved but its data doesn’t

The settings of a project are copied but clients, requests and integrations (specifically AmoCRM and Bitrix) don’t. So if you made a bot template and you’re planning to sell it then you should just copy it - the seller will connect it themself and they won’t see your confidential information.

Reservation can be done two ways. The first one is just pressing the button “Clone” in the “Projects” tab.

The second way is to press “Create a backup” in the tab “Backup copy - Project recovery”.

Here you can also download the bot scheme (it will be downloaded as a file with the .json extension) and recover the copy from a chosen project.

When recovering the entire project schema will be deleted and copied from the selected project.

How to clone the project's scheme

To copy the scheme you need to press “Copy schema” in the tab “Backup copy - Project recovery”.

Your schema will remain intact, and the schema from the selected project will be transferred to it.

How to recover from a file

If you already have a backup with the current project schema (a file with the .json extension) you can add the saved schema into the project in the tab “Recover from a file”. In this case deleted blocks, arrows and its setting will be restored.

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