How to transfer the project to the customer

If you make a bot to order or made a bot, which you sell to mass, this article is for you.

The transfer of the project can be divided into several parts.

  • Make a backup of the project;

  • Give access to the project to the customer;

  • Connect messengers;

  • Quit the project.

Under this scheme you will be charged partner fees for each copy of the project.

You can transfer the access without copying the project, just after adding the customer leave it, but this option is not recommended, as the customer may break something in the project, and a backup copy will allow him to quickly help.

How to make a backup of the project

You can do this either in the "Backup - Project Recovery - Backup" section

Or in the list of projects:

More about reservation HERE

Messages and connected messengers are not transferred to the copy, after copying they must be added.

If you made an error copy, you can delete it in the project settings.

Once deleted, the project cannot be restored.

How to give access to the project

Access to the project is given in the section "Settings".

If you are transferring the project to the customer, it is necessary to give access as administrator.

How to quit the project

To exit the project, you must click on the strikethrough icon in the access list

Or in the list of projects button "Leave the project"

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