Stop mailing

How to stop mailing completely or partially

How to stop mailing completely

For example, in Whatsapp there is no option to deny messages and to prevent the user from pressing the "SPAM" button, you need to stop the mailing at his request.

All other messengers have a system capability

If the user clicks this button, he has unsubscribed from all messages and you will not be able to send messages to him. To understand the unsubscribed user or not, you need to click the "More" button in the Clients section


The notSubscribed variable value set to 1 means that messages will not reach the user.


How to unsubscribe manually

This variable can also be set manually, from the constructor, for example, if the person in Whatsapp writes the word unsubscribe.

In the field, you must write the variable assignment when you navigate


the.notSubscribed client = 1 or client.notSubscribed = 1 is no difference. In the reply field you can specify anything, this message will not come. If you need to send the user that it has been successfully unsubscribed, you can use the following scheme


Important! The client will subscribe to the messages again, if he sends any message to the bot, no message will be sent to him until then.

How to partially unsubscribe from mailing lists

To partially respond, you must assign variables and check their value before sending them. For example, if the user is assigned a variable #{to send in the morning} with no value, then you can add a comparison variable #{to send in the morning} to the block(or mailing arrow) settings!= 'There is no need for this person to receive this message. Conditions can be combined in different ways.

How to adjust response to unsubscribe

It is often necessary to perform some actions in the bot, after the client has unsubscribed. For example, to transfer the information to the analyst. To do this, a client_unsubscribed message is generated after the client has unsubscribed and you can run the bot by specifying the splice type of the full match.



If you want to run the query to the server. Use the advanced block settings.

Although the bot will start, it will not be able to send a message to the client because the client has already unsubscribed.

This callback works only in Viber. In Telegram Callback does not come!

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