Connect the bot to the WhatsApp messenger.

Maximum text message length 4096 characters

Under the bot in Whatsapp you need a separate number Watsap and a separate phone with an application connected to this number!

If the chat bot has stopped responding to commands, write to him :bot_info If he is silent in response, your connection does not work. If he is responding to this request, there is a problem with your schematic.

If the connection is not working, go to the Messenger and Chat section and there in Whatsapp. Authorization status must be: Authorized. If it says Hibernate, take the phone that has Watsap installed and run the Watsap app in it.

If the bot is authorized but still does not respond to :bot_info, in the same section, click Emergency reconnect Watsap.

If that doesn’t help, then write to technical support.

How to Connect a bot in WhatsApp

Connecting the bot to the Whatsapp messenger is no different than connecting the web version.

Keep in mind that if you have connected Watsap to the bot, then use the same Watsap account in Watsap for computers IS IMPOSSIBLE! Otherwise the bot will simply shut down.

Go to the section "Messengers and chats" and choose Whatsapp. In the window that appears, enter the phone number and click the button is done.

Then you need to authenticate via qr-code

To scan the QR code, use the QR scanner inside the WhatsApp app on your phone.

QR code must be scanned in 20 seconds after code generation! If you didn’t, generate the code again by restarting the page.

To do this, open WhatsApp on your phone:

  • On Android: Open Chat Screen > Menu > WhatsApp Web

  • On iPhone: open Settings > WhatsApp Web

  • On Windows Phone: Open Menu > WhatsApp Web.

If you cannot connect and the page is not updated yourself, please manually update it.

If all goes well, you’ll see a connection window in the next window that says "Authorized".

If you see the message as in the picture below, then 20 seconds for scanning and you need to reload the page with the code.


You can download the phone number database to send or transfer from another account. To do this, click on the "Upload a list of clients" button:

The following are the connection status of Whatsapp:

Failed to start bot. Check if Whatsapp is running on smartphone... Online

Sleep mode. Messages will be received or sent when Whatsapp on the phone leaves it.

The bot is not working, press reconnect to start the bot.

The bot is not working, Whatsapp is authorized somewhere else. Maybe you connected it to another project or Whatsapp.web

You can scan the QR code in this table only in one place (service/platform) If you are using a setup for the bot, you will not be able to connect the bot of the web anywhere else. Or the bot will shut down!

Phone numbers can be added manually or by downloading a CSV file with numbers.

WhatsApp Beta for Several Devices

The beta version for multiple devices is a special early access program to test the new version of WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp for computers and WhatsApp on Portal. If you connect to beta for multiple devices, you will be able to use auxiliary devices (up to 4 additional devices) without having to leave your phone connected. Your private messages, media and calls will be protected by end-to-end encryption.

The beta version for multiple devices is currently only available to users using the latest version of WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business on Android and iPhone.

Unsupported features in WhatsApp Beta:

  • Cleaning or removing chats on assistive devices if your primary device is the iPhone;

  • make calls and send messages to contacts using the outdated version of WhatsApp on the phone;

  • the use of tablets; viewing geodata on auxiliary devices;

  • creation and viewing of mailing lists on auxiliary devices.

How to Connect a Bot to WhatsApp (Beta)

How to Join or Quit the Beta Testing Program for Multiple Devices

Be sure to upgrade WhatsApp to the latest version on your device. After connecting to the beta version for multiple devices you will need to reconnect the auxiliary devices.


  1. Open WhatsApp > Click Other Options

  2. Click Related Devices.

  3. Click Beta for multiple devices.

  4. Click USE BETA version.


Joining the WhatsApp Betta testing program on Iphone is similar to the connection scheme on Android:

  1. Go to WhatsApp Settings

  2. Click Related Devices

  3. Click Beta for multiple devices

  4. Click Use Beta.

To disconnect from the WhatsApp Betta testing program, use the following algorithm:

  1. Open WhatsApp > Click Other Options

  2. Click Related Devices

  3. Click Beta for multiple devices

  4. Click LEAVE BETA

Further on the features of connecting the bot to WhatsApp Betta:

After successfully joining the WhatsApp Betta test program, appropriate statuses will appear in the Beta Affiliate and Associated Devices settings



If you have previously connected WhatsApp to Messengers and Chats, remove the current connection and connect again.

Connecting a bot to WhatsApp Betta is similar to connecting a standard WhatsApp (use the instruction described above:). The only difference is that you will need to scan two consecutive QR codes.

If all went well, then Messengers and chats for WhatsApp Beta will have the status of "Online"

If the connection fails, the status will look like this:

Check the WhatsApp connection on your smartphone by checking the settings according to the instructions


How to send contacts

Works only on "Premium" tariff

You can send a contact to Whatsapp to the client to add you to the address book, this reduces the probability of locks.


To send a contact, you must. make a POST-data request:

URL of the request:https://chatter.salebot.pro/api/<api_key>/send_contact

where api_key is the api key that you should take in the project settings.

Query Options:

{"phone":"PHONE", "name":"NAME","client_id":"#{client_id}"}

client_id - leave unchanged #{client_id}



How to Send Files

The bot can send files via attachment settings. The file type can be defined automatically or can be specified.


More about attachments and their use in the link below:

отправка вложений ссылка

How to reduce blocking when sending Whatsapp mailing from the platform

  1. It is recommended to send a mailing list to those who have previously had correspondence with the phone number on which the bot is connected.

  2. Set time intervals between messages instead of sending the whole packet (this is in the bottom line of the mailing list settings)

  3. Do not send links in the first mailing message (it is better to create a chain in two blocks, and send the link when the user answers the first block) then you create the mailing list from the block, not from the mailing list section

  4. Do not send content that people may regard as spam (can click on spam, and SIM will be blocked. There is no clear statistics on which account the complaint occurs)

  5. Virtual numbers block instantly, no one knows why or how they recognize them

  6. Add an unsubscribe button so that those who do not want to receive messages can refuse them not only by pressing the "Spam" button.

  7. Use random message parts to make the mailing personalized.

  8. Connect the bot to the Whatsapp business. There is no exact data that this reduces the chance of locking, but it is known that in case of locking it is easier to communicate with Whatsapp support for unblocking. Also, when a message comes from a particular company, it inspires more trust among users.

User experience in anti-lock control

This text is written by the user, who in the course of his activity received blockages from Whatsapp and revealed patterns.

If you do not want to hit the ban:

Send no more than 5-10 messages per minute, i.e. send messages in portions rather than all at once; Connect a number registered in WhatsApp older than 90 days. If you have just registered the number, then wait 24 hours before connecting it to the service and for 24 hours, keep correspondence on whatsapp. Consider user response to message. It usually takes 3 clicks on the client’s "Spam" button to block the number; Having links in messages increases the likelihood of ban; WhatsApp’s physical limit on the number of messages is not present, but there is a recommendation not to exceed 5,000 messages per day. If the number is higher, it is better to scatter them on several different accounts. Or, if the number of incoming and outgoing messages is about the same, you can send a little more than 5000;Use a device with no previous bans; Receive incoming messages. The more incoming messages, the better. Incoming messages are not counted in a recommendation not to exceed 5000 messages. Do not write the same messages. Use the masks that are in amoCRM and Birik24 to substitute automatically the name or data from the fields. It is also recommended in construtkor to use random answers and occasional delays before response. If you connect a WhatsApp number to a CRM or any designer, be prepared to have your number BANNED for violating the license agreement! If banned Write to WhatsApp technical support with the question of why the ban and whether it can be unblocked. The first lock is likely to unlock the number. Responds TP quickly, within 2-3 hours.

Attention! Even if the number is returned, the connection on the previously locked device must follow the instructions: Uninstall the locked WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business application. Remove Google account (disable sync with current Google account) Disable WiFi Turn off phone Replace sim card. Turn on the phone. Create a NEW Google account and go under it; Install the WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business app on the mobile internet; Register WhatsApp number on the mobile internet. Scan the QR code on the mobile Internet. Let the integration work on the mobile Internet 2-3 hours. Connect Wi-Fi. Use WhatsApp Business. It is designed specifically for business. Do not send out mailings with a number you are afraid to lose. Don’t send the same messages. WhatsApp tracks the same messages and it’s also a banit. Try to change at least one word in the message. If you are working from CRM, take some data from the fields.

The resource administration does not agree with all of the author’s statements, these are only his subjective remarks, which we felt important to convey to you.

How to set up a phone for stable whatsapp operation

In order for the bot to work stably (always received messages and answered them), it is necessary to turn off the power saving mode in the phone settings. Also, on some phones you need to additionally allow autorun, work in the background.

Important! If these actions do not help, you will need to plug the smartphone into the socket, connect to the Wifi and turn off the lock screen. This measure is guaranteed to turn off Whatsapp’s fall-back.

We strongly recommend connecting WhatsApp Beta to avoid problems associated with periodic WhatsApp

Additional configuration instructions depending on the manufacturer:


To turn off the power saving mode, go to the section «Settings» > «Battery». You can also turn off the power saving mode through the Control Point. Open «Settings» > «Control Point» > «Configure the elem. control», then select «Energy Saving Mode» to add the ability to manage it using the Control Point.

Samsung Smartphones

Setting for phones with Android 5, 6, 7, 8 version:

Go to the phone settings in Energy Saving (or battery/power manager, etc.). There you need to turn off the energy saving if enabled.

Important! Depending on the phone model, it can be installed branded Smart Manager application. If such an application is worth, open it, go to the battery, in the Optimization section of the application click DETAIL, in the list that appears, find the application Whatsapp, click on it and in the opened menu disable optimization.

Setting for phones with Android 9 and above version:

Go to phone settings->Optimization (Battery)->Battery->There disable energy saving if enabled; then click the menu button above, then Settings. Turn off Adaptive Battery Mode, Sleep Mode, Auto-disconnect Apps, and Optimize Settings.

Smartphones Huawei and Honor

Depending on the model and update version, the settings of the phone differ, one of the described options should be suitable (try each option in turn):

Option 1:

  1. Add the Whatapp app to the list of protected applications to keep the phone on and the bot running. This setting can be in one of two places: a) Go to your phone settings, then to Energy Saving (or battery/power manager, etc.). There is a button/menu Protected applications, you need to add the application Whatsapp. b) Go to your phone settings, next to Secure apps, if there is such an item, add the Whatsapp app there.

  2. Also, we recommend to turn off the power saving mode in the general battery settings (energy saving).

Option 2:

  1. Open your phone settings->Battery: 1.1. Disable energy saving 1.2. In the Screen Lock menu closes the apps make sure that the Whatsapp app is not turned off (toggle off) 1.3. There in the battery press the settings icon in the upper right corner, then uncheck Close energy-intensive apps

  2. Open Phone->App->Whatsapp->Battery->Turn Off Report Power Capacity and Close After Lock Screen

Option 3:

  1. Open your phone settings->Battery: 1.1. Turn off energy saving 1.2. Click the settings icon in the upper right corner, turn off Report power consumption and Close apps when locking the screen (if this option is available)

  2. Open Phone->App->Whatapp->Battery->Turn Off Report Power Consumption, Close After Lock Screen. If there is a Battery Saving item, press it, then in the Whatsapp select Do not save.

  3. Open Phone->Apps->Special Access->Battery->Save Charge->Don’t Save Charge->Further in Whatsapp App select Do Not Save.

  4. Open the Phone Manager app on the phone’s desktop, in it click Clear Memory, then click the settings icon in the upper right corner, then uncheck the Autodelete check box.

For all phones (for all configuration options): Secure your app so it won’t be out of memory when you clean it (not all models, but most have it):

  • Open the list of running applications (usually open by touching the button as a square)

  • Click the lock icon in the app header (to close it). If there is no lock, pull the app down, the lock will close.

Xiaomi Smartphones

  1. Allow the app to work in the background: Open your phone settings, then Advanced (if any). Select the Battery and Performance section, then the configuration can be in one of the following places depending on the model: a) In the Background menu. Set the Standard limit level. Then click Apps, click on Whatsapp and assign it No restrictions. b) In the menu Save Energy->Select Apps->Click in the list on Whatsapp->Select No Restrictions. c) In the menu App Activity (or App Selection)->Click in the list on Whatsapp->Select No Restrictions. d) If there is no configuration at these locations, check the rest of the submenu, one of them will definitely have it.

  2. Secure the application so it doesn’t close when the user starts cleaning/closing applications: When you are on the phone’s desktop, press the touch button to open the list of running applications (usually the left button on the front of the phone), then pull the Whatsapp down, then click on the lock (Attach button). Some models may not have this configuration, in which case it does not need to be done.

Meizu Smartphones

  1. Open Security (or Security Center) in the Permissions tab to autorun the Whatsapp application. Also, in the Energy Saving->Sleep Control tab, you need to allow the Whatsapp app to work continuously in the background (select no restrictions).

  2. Return to the phone’s desktop, then open the list of running apps (pull the screen from the bottom up), squeeze the Whatsapp app to make the header a lock icon (some models need to pull the app down instead of hold).

Asus Smartphones

If you are using the Cleanup/Cleanup feature, then be sure to add the Whatsapp application to the list of exceptions (protected applications) in Mobile Manager, otherwise the app will be stopped by the phone after acceleration/cleanup!

Lenovo Smartphones

  1. Go to the phone settings in Energy Saving (or battery/power manager, etc.). There you need to turn off the energy saving if enabled.

  2. Check for the following apps on your phone:

  3. Some models preinstalled the SecureIT application. If there is one in the list of programs, open it and in the section Acceleration (Speed-up), add the Whatsapp application to the list of disablement exceptions.

  4. Some models pre-install the Lenovo Power (or Power/Power Manager) application. If such an application is installed, you need to turn off the power saving in it, as well as allow the Whatsapp application to work continuously in the background.

  5. Some models preinstall the Finally clean application. If such an application is installed, you need to open it, at the bottom click I, then Settings, then List of exceptions, then the list ignoring the acceleration, there add the application Whatsapp.

  6. Click on the touch button in the form of a square - the list of running applications will open, press the Whatsapp application and pull down if the button in the form of a lock, click it, in the title of the application will appear a lock.

Fly smartphones

  1. Go to the phone settings in Energy Saving (or battery/power manager, etc.). There you need to turn off the energy saving if enabled.

  2. Some models pre-install the Clean Master application, which interferes with the normal operation of other applications. If such an application is installed, it must allow the Whatsapp application to run permanently (add to exceptions). If there are problems with bot operation, we recommend to remove Clean Master.

ZTE smartphones

  1. If the phone has the branded ZTE application Mi-assistant (another name Helper), open it, then Accelerate->White List->enable it to the application Whatsapp; further, there in Acceleration click on the settings icon, then the Applications in AutoPilot->>There, turn on the Whatsapp app if it was turned off (if already turned on, leave as is).

  2. If there is a 360 security app installed on your phone, open it, then in the menu click Settings, then in the section Acceleration and Energy Saving click Favorites, there add the application Whatsapp. Or you can just delete this 360 security if you’re not using it.

General/Other Manufacturers

  1. Go to the phone settings in Energy Saving (or battery/power manager, etc.). There you need to turn off the energy saving if enabled. (Some phones may have a separate system application to configure energy saving, you also need to turn everything off. )

  2. Some smartphones may have a system application called Security/Permissions/Application Manager or similar. If there is such an application, open it and give all permissions to the Whatsapp application (autorun, work in the background).

  3. Some phones may have various memory optimization/cleansing applications installed (such as Clean Master, Duraspeed, CClean, 360 security, etc.). These applications usually interfere with the normal operation of applications, so you need to uninstall these applications or configure them correctly.

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