...Create personalized images

You can put your own text on the images

Today I want to tell you about personalized images in messengers. It’s those pics with your name and other info.

You can do this without an API and other difficult to understand stuff.

So, you’ll need these services: https://niftyimages.com and salebot.ai

I don’t think I have to explain the registration process, it’s pretty common. After you sign up, you need to press “Personalized Image” in the new window.

Next you load your image:

After loading the image you’ll get transported to the editing window. There you need to press Add element:

After that, merge tag layer:

There we see the variable [name], we need to press the green block “Use Merge Tag”

A window with the name you entered when signing up. You need to place the text to the needed place. Don’t think about the text itself that much, you’ll understand later.

Here you can play around with colors, fonts and font sizes. Choose what you want the text to look like

Press Save, then enter the image’s name and press Submit.

You get a link, and we’ll need the part highlighted, = included. Copy it.

Now we move to Salebot and create a block.

Now be attentive!

We put the link into the attachments as an image. Instead of the variable Name (Merge_tag on the picture above) you can put any text. I made a variable chance = 67% and created a text.

This is the result!

You can edit the text as many times in the service as you want. You can change the size of the window with the text, change the font, its color etc.

The service isn’t free, but when signing up you can send 10 000 images for free. And then create a new account and send another 10 000 images! But we didn’t tell you anything ;)

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