Mailing list

Mailing lists allow you to group clients

How To Create a List

Lists are created in the same section

How to Automate Lists

Visual interface

You can automatically add, remove, and move clients to the lists while the chat bot is running.

To do this, there are fields in the advanced settings of the block:

Below you can select the list with which you want to perform the action.

Text interface

The convenience of the text interface lies in the flexibility of the features. For example, adding a client to multiple lists at the same time.

The list number is shown to the left of the list, in the screenshot - 60267

Checking the presence of a person on the list

The first condition will work if the client is listed, the second if not listed

inlist(list number) == True или inlist(list number) == False

Further commands are entered in the "Calculator" field

Add to the list

add_to_list(list number)

Remove from the list

remove_from_list(list number)

Move to the list

move_to_list(list number)

When moving, the person will be removed from all lists and added to the selected one.

List size check

list_size(list number)

Returns the number of people on the list

How to manually work with lists

Loading Clients to the List

You can manually download clients by filtering them in the form, from a file or from another list.

Removing Clients from the List

By the same principle, you can remove clients from the list. For example, you can exclude those on another list.

How to move clients from other platforms

When downloading clients from other platforms, you can choose one or more lists where clients will be downloaded.

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