Online-chat on a site

With the help of this article, you’ll be able to add a bot to your site

How to add Online-chat to a site

When you need to add a chat-bot to your site, you can use the online-chat functionality on Salebot. When working with this service, the answers to the set up questions can be provided with both the bot and the operator from the “Clients” tab on Salebot or our app on Android.

Furthermore, there is an ability to change the name and the color palette of the chat, the time of its automatic launch, the greeting-message and the starting buttons.

To create the chat, open the “Messengers and chats” tab and click the “Online-chat” button.

An example on how the chat looks can be found below:

Let’s look into the settings and find out what and where to paste.

Chat title - the first and the highest chat line

Chat subtitle - the line below the title

Button style - how the chat’s button appears. There are 3 options: Classic style (big), Compact and Compact on mobile.

Where the online chat is displayed - you can place the chat on the right and on the left sides of the screen.

Operator's photo in the chat - an optional field, with its help we can change the display photo in the chat. The photo can be chosen both with a link and with the downloaded file.

Welcome message in the chat - the first message that is shown to clients when first opening the chat.

Start buttons - the buttons that will launch the chain(s) in the bot. You have to write down conditions from the green blocks in the buttons.

Color of the chat form - you choose the color palette.

Auto-open time (sec) - when a client opens the site the chat is shown in a “folded” state. Set the time in seconds after which the chat should open in this tab.

One client on different domains - this setting allows separation of dialogues if the same person messages the chat on different domains. By default, it’s the same dialogue.

Text orientation - this allows a different text orientation, for example, if the text is in Hebrew.

The following fields allow you to create a text in a different language:

Tag when switching to messenger - this is a mark that is transferred to the bot as soon as the client moves into it through the messenger icon. With its help you can launch different bot chains without waiting for the user to text something. To do this, simply write the tag in the “Condition” field in the green block’s settings.

Tags can only consist of Latin characters and numbers.

Initial WhatsApp message - this text will be written down in the input field of the client and the only thing they will need to do is press “Send”. Again, you paste this text in the green block’s condition.

You can choose which of the messengers are shown when hovering over the online-chat icon with the help of switches on the screenshot below:

Messenger buttons will be shown after you connect these messengers to the editor.

You have several messengers of the same type connected to the bot, you can choose, which the button will lead to.

After filling out the form and pressing the button “Done”, you’ll get a code that’ll look something like this:

<script src='' charset='utf-8'></script>
    projectId: '1'

Add this code to each page of your site inside the tag <head>. And this finishes up setting up an online-chat!

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