Payeer.tradeBirja Payeer is a trading platform launched by the same name payment system. PAYEER Exchange allows you to exchange a number of popular cryptocurrencies one by one or to buy/sell for fiat

Connection setting

To work with, find the API tab on the left of the menu, then go to the EXCHANGE tab and click ADD. The page will show the next window in which you have to fill in the title.

The secret key ( in the example 9yblcxjEZ4Vi666y) is given by the system, you must copy it to yourself in a safe place.

IMPORTANT! In case of loss it can not be restored, you can only change to a new

In the IP address string you will need to enter IP Salebot NOTE! If you want to receive answers to another IP., just add it with the symbol ";". For example,;3.3.3

After successfully filling in the data you will have the following window:

Go to the settings and copy the id( value in the d95c634e-b17d-4a75-9aa8-b59fecbdb402 example) that we need.

Getting Data from Salebot

To get the data you need to use the function payeer_function(api_id, secret_key, method, data), where: api_id = ː d95c634e-b17d-4a75-9aa8-b59fecbdb402' - string, your ID in Payeer system. Required parameter. secret_key = ː 9yblcxjEZ4Vi666y' - string, your secret key. Required parameter method = ː account' is a string indicating the type of information requested. The following methods are required:

  • User’s Balance - ː account'

  • Create an Order - [order_create'

  • Status of the Order - [order_status'

  • Cancel an Order - [order_cancel'

  • Cancel Orders - [orders_cancel'

  • My Orders - [my_orders

  • My History - á my_history'

  • My Trades - 'my_trades'

  • data - a list of data required to execute the method. Optional parameter.

  • For methods 'account', 'my_orders', 'my_history' and 'my_trades' the data parameter can be omitted.

  • 'order_create' - the list should include the following parameters:

To create a limit order:

pair-para-TRX_USD type-type order-limit action-action-buy, sell-quantity price-price-0.08

To create a market order(*, you can specify one of two parameters for creating a market order (amount or value)): pair-para-TRX_USD type-type order-market action-action-buy, sell-quantity value-sum

To create a stop limit order:

pair-para-TRX_USD type-type order-stop_limit action-action-buy, sell-quantity price-price-0.08 stop_price-stop-price-0.078 -'order_status' - the list should include the following parameters: order_id-id of order-37054293 -ː order_cancel' - the list should include the following parameters: order_id-id of order-37054293 -ː orders_cancel' - in this case these parameters are optional, without them the query will simply remove all orders pair-list of pairs to cancel orders-TRX_RUB,DOGE_RUB-action-buy, sell

The function returns a dictionary of the type: - in case of success: {"status":"1","result":{"success":true,"balances":{"USD":{"total":0,"available":0,"hold":0},"RUB":{"total":0,"available":0,"hold":0},"EUR":{"total":0,"available":0,"hold":0},"BTC":{"total":0,"available":0,"hold":0},"ETH":{"total":0,"available":0,"hold":0},"BCH":{"total":0,"available":0,"hold":0},"LTC":{"total":0,"available":0,"hold":0},"DASH":{"total":0,"available":0,"hold":0},"USDT":{"total":0,"available":0,"hold":0},"XRP":{"total":0,"available":0,"hold":0},"DOGE":{"total":0,"available":0,"hold":0},"TRX":{"total":0,"available":0,"hold":0}}}}

in the event of an error, for example: {"status":"0","error":{"code":"INVALID_PARAMETER","parameter":"pair"}}

Example of use

Example use Create the block "Display account data". In the calculator we specify the values of the variables we need - method msg = 'account', api id api = '‘d95c634e-b17d-4a75-9aa8-b59fecbdb402' secret key = '9yblcxjEZ4Vi666y' a variable with the function r = payeer_function(api,key,msg,' ') a variable that outputs the result s = get(r,'result') In the message text we write #{s}, and after running the bot we get a list of account information.

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