Integrating the Salebot mini-landing with Tilda

Integrating the Salebot mini-landing with Tilda

To be able to place your bot onto your Tilda site, you need to create a mini-landing on Salebot and specify needed information there. After you create a mini-landing, an option will appear, like the one in the image below. When you press on it, you get an html code, like the one in the second image below.

Attention! This code is implemented only on a desktop version of the site.

You need to paste this code into the block on your Tilda site. To do this, go to More blocks -> Other -> T123 Embed HTML code.

Then, in the “Content” editing section, paste the code from Salebot:

In this block on your site, input fields for a phone number and an email should appear, as well as messenger buttons, if those were ticked on in the settings:

This functionality lets you save UTM-markers from the search bar of your site, with the phone and the email, to the client’s variables. It also lets you move your client to the bot, using the Tag from the mini-landing’s settings. So that the statistics scripts work, you should set them directly through Tilda, the code from the mini-landing’s settings for the head tag won’t be pasted. The html-code for the body tag stays working.

The script can be set on the html page of your other site and still used for the same purpose.

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