Transferring the client base. Uploading Whatsapp numbers

If you used other builders or mailing lists before Salebot, you can easily switch to us.

How to Download Customers

Transfer of clients is possible from Telegram, Viber, Whatsapp

To download clients, go to the "Messengers and chats" section.

Next, select the appropriate messenger.

Next, you need to add a bot if you have not yet added it. Then click on the "Load Client List" button.

Then, in the opened form, either insert the client list into the form, or download the file in csv format

Important, when loading a file, you must specify the correct encoding and separator in the file. The default values are those required to download files saved in Excel.

Details of the data format are shown on the form, and features specific to each messenger are shown.

Addition to the list

You can add downloadable clients to one or more lists at once, for segmentation.


Variable transfer

The first column contains the identifier in the messenger, in the second name of the client. The rest of the columns will be written into client variables. The variable name is taken from the column name. The column names are placed in the first row. Loading of variables will happen automatically.

Features of Client Download

Clients become attached to the messenger, meaning that subscribers from one cable bot cannot be uploaded to another.


In the telegram platform_id is a number.


In viber platform_id is a string consisting of letters and numbers, ending with two characters equals.


This is the only messenger where clients are not tied to a bot and you can download them simply by a list of numbers. The format of the phone number is free. It will be automatically activated when downloading.

Important!!! If you plan to send messages to the number database, you need to preload the numbers into the client list and then create a mailing list.

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