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...Transfer UTM-labels

How to make the chatbot and labels get along with each other
Working with labels is explored with the examples of messengers Viber, Telegram, Facebook. Other messengers don’t support deeplink.
WhatsApp also supports the use of labels - you need to paste a special variable in the automatically filled-in input field that the user gets as soon they click on the link.

Saving the labels

If you add parameters to the link to the mini-landing, all of them will be transferred to the temporary transactions.
More on that here:
Transferring labels to the CRM
Let’s look at the example of AmoCRM
Create custom label fields in the transaction
Establish conformity of id fields and variable names in the bot (in the sections Integrations with CRM)
Then put a yellow block in the chain in the place where a transaction needs to happen
You get labels in CRM
Similarly, you can transfer values to Google spreadsheets