...Create a simple chatbot

A step-by-step tutorial for a simple chatbot with a simple series of texts.

First we create a block with the type Start dialogue or Primary condition check.

Then you put in the condition: a word or words that the bot will respond to.

Fill in the text and this is what you’ll have at this point:

Next we create a Dialogue state type block below and connect it with an arrow to the primary block by dragging the white block on top of the green one.

Turn on the switch “User enters data” and put in the name of the variable to which the answer will be saved.

Now we create another block below, connect it to the white above, turn on the “User enters data” switch again.

Put in the name of the variable that will save the answer and with the condition with the matching selection Regular expression we check the answer, that way the bot will allow only numbers:

Create another block

Connect it with an arrow

Set up the timer

Add a button to the message

Create another block and connect it

Write the button text in the condition, in our case it’s “Buying”

Now if the person didn’t buy anything, we make a reminder a day later that it’s high time he bought something.

Repeat the cycle: add a button, create a block, connect the block, set the timer.

But now we connect it to the same block as seen on the screenshot:

This is how the first part of the chain looks in Telegram:

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