...Move clients to another block

You may need to launch the bot for several clients simultaneously

Moving with sending a message

This functionality is available only to those with “Mailings” (“Standart”) or “Premium” subscriptions.

To move clients to another block you need to highlight the block by clicking on it in the section “Workflow” and then click “Create a mailing” in the settings

The mailing form will open, there you need to filter clients you need to be moved


For example, you can check the blocks you need to be moved

For convenience, the block's number is shown, you can find it in the editing tab


Moving without sending a message

There are two ways this can be done:

  1. Temporarily change the text to #{none} and change it back after the move

  2. Create a clone of the block with all connections and with the text #{none} from which the workflow will continue with the rest of them

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