Where can I get the project's number?

In the address bar:

Or in the list of your projects:

What do I do if the bot works in the test window, but doesn’t work in the messenger?

You have an unpaid subscription or a wrong subscription plan

How to test the bot in WhatsApp

Text the number that’s connected to the bot from a different number. Or you can send from the connected number the code phrase ::bot_info, using which you can find out if the bot still works properly. An answer of this kind should come:

How to divide the workflow by messengers

To differentiate the messenger the client came from, the variables #{client_type} and #{messenger} are included. Both of them hold information on the messenger, but #{client_type} is a number and #{messenger} is the name.

Example: if a person came in from Online-chat, #{client_type} returns 5 and #{messenger} returns “Online-chat”

client_type values:














Read more about variables here

Here’s an example:

To analyze from which messenger the client came from, we need to create 3 paths and write down in the “Variable for comparison” tab in the arrows’ settings the following conditions:

client_type==1 (i.e. they come from Telegram) client_type==5 (i.e. they come from Online-chat) client_type!=1 and client_type!=5 (i.e. they come from any other messenger but Telegram and Online-chat)

How to divide the workflow by different logins

For those of you who have several accounts connected to a messenger, there might be some difficulties in dividing the functionality of the workflow by accounts. But there is a special built-in variable #{group} that returns the id of the account of the bot with which the client is messaging.


There are 2 accounts of 1 bot: Test_bot for testing and Work_bot for talking to clients. The variable #{group} returns “Test_bot” for the testing account and “Work_bot” for the working one.

Read more on variables here

How to make the text bold?

The text becomes bold by putting asterisks by its sides like this

How to do this in Telegram, read here

How to make it so the chain of 2-3 messages opens up simultaneously?

The blocks need to be connected with arrows and set up a 0 seconds delay before answer.

Is it possible to put in pictures?

How to send several pictures (files)

You need to create several blocks all of which send an attachment. To make it so they will be sent without any additional text, you need to put the variable #{none} in the answer tab.

That means that you either chose the sending type as a link or that an error occurred while sending the file. It’s recommended to check if there is a file in that link.

Nuances of sending files:

  1. When downloading, the files must have different names because each project has its file folder on the server and identical names are unacceptable.

  2. If you’re sending it as a link you need to check if it works before you send it.

  3. Video files as “videos for viewing" do not get sent.

  4. When you delete the block, the file gets deleted with it as well.

How to display the tab for putting in the phone number correctly

It’s necessary to add a validation test through regular expressions.

How to find the number of people subscribed to the bot

In the section “Statistics” the overall number, as well as the number by messengers separately, are shown.

How do I make the bot initiate the conversation?

You can create a mini-landing, where you can find the links to every messenger your bot is connected to. Mini-landing isn’t necessary though, you can just copy the proxy link

You cannot copy the links from the mini-landing because they are generated!

Do you have a partner program?

Why can’t I see the bot in WhatsApp?

  1. See if your subscription is up-to-date and paid for.

  2. It’s impossible to use WhatsApp Web in both the brower and the bot. The bot won’t work this way.

  3. Login on salebot.ai, find the “Messengers and chats” tab and check the authorization status and WhatsApp connection in it.

  4. If It says that it’s in sleep mode, send the command ::bot_info to or from the bot. If you got an answer, then the bot still works.

If I’m making a bot on WhatsApp, is it necessary for me to have WhatsApp business?

It’s not. The bot doesn’t care if you have usual WhatsApp or WhatsApp business.

Are there blocks for connecting to the operator?

It’s just a normal block. You can make it red or yellow and send the request to your email or messenger. You also need to put in the arrow’s settings “Connecting with the manager”

When the operator or the manager interrupts the chat, how can you turn off the bot’s answers?

You need to set the delay after the operator responds in the project’s settings

How do I get the phone numbers from Viber automatically? Or can I only get them by asking in the chat?

You automatically see the person’s phone number only in WhatsApp

How to change the direction of the arrows in the schema?

One end to the third block, the other on the first. Then another one from the third to the second.

How to move the client from one block to the other without extending arrows between them?

You can create buttons in the advanced buttons settings and make the block the primary condition check type.

Do I understand correctly that the function “Send time” with its tabs “Time-” and “Date of sending with delay” means that the message will get sent at a set date?

You’re correct, it moves to that date. Delay before answer, if you add one, will be added to the time you set.

How do I remove the text “powered by salebot” from the chat?

You need to fill in the tab “Chat subtitle” in the form of creating an online-chat.

Can you create two bots with the same salebot account?

Of course you can. There is an unlimited amount of projects available to create with one account.

Can I set up sending notifications to our admin when we get messages on online-chat?



What is the max file size?

When loading them to the software, it’s 20mb, when sending via a link there are no limitations.

“Hello! Here’s our situation: we have 2 different links that lead to the same site but we made them separate to understand where the requests are coming from. Can we do that with the one bot? So, one of the links will be on our Instagram bio, and the second one will be in our ads, and to divide those channels but use the same bot”

Yes, you can make 2 mini-landings in the software and write down its own tag in each of them.

Sending the messages tomorrow

“Here’s my situation. A person comes from an ad and comes into the bot, they get a greeting and I need to send them a link the next day at 12 sharp; how do I do that?"

In the arrow’s settings you need to put in the variable next_day in the “Date of sending” tab and set the time of sending to 12:00.

An error when sending messages in WhatsApp (read timeout)

HTTPSConnectionPool(host='whatsapp-new.salebot.ai', port=443): Read timed out. (read timeout=17)

This error shows up the most often when your phone has a slow connection to the internet or it stopped temporarily. If you're sending files or links then the connection speed has to be even higher.

Questions about Instagram

How to create buttons that show up when you first open DMs?

For this you need to connect Instagram Direct API, in the connected messenger you’ll see “Set up intro phrases”



You write them down, and put them in the condition of the block with the Primary condition check type to launch the needed chain.

Error 200 when connecting (disabled access to direct messages)

If the bot doesn’t react to the messages in DMs and when setting up the intro phrases you see this error:

then you need to open Instagram, open settings -> privacy -> messages and flip the switch on the slider “Allow access to messages”:

If the access is allowed but you still get the error 200, then you need to open the business page on Facebook and connect Instagram to the Incoming folder


It says that it’s not an Instagram business

Check the settings on Instagram. It’s most likely that you have a Personal blog as opposed to a Business account. To change it, go to settings -> Account -> Switch to professional account:

You can find the instruction here

Why do my messages repeat?

Check the settings of the white and gray Instagrams - the unofficial one has to be connected with the login and not via email or phone number

It says that there are no Instagram accounts connected to my Facebook, but I see that everything is connected on Facebook. What do I do?

When connecting the messenger press “Don't have the account you want on the list? Click here”, then type in your Facebook password and press the gray button to the left. Settings will open up, where you need to tick off needed Instagram and Facebook business accounts.

More details in this video:


How to connect Instagram customers?

There are two ways:

  1. Set it up remotely (i.e. through screen sharing on ZOOM or Anydesk). The customer will need to sign in to their profile on Facebook and Salebot.

  2. Send the documentation to the customer and they connect it themselves.

What even are white and gray Instagrams?

These are two different ways to connect to Instagram

White: there are buttons; you can’t message first; there is a 24-hour window; checking subscription to the account

Gray: there are no buttons; you can message first; there is no a 24-hour window; no checking subscription to the account

You talked about a simultaneous work of the white and gray Insta, is that so?

The first 24 hours since the last sent client message the white Instagram is working, while the gray one can check the subscription at the same time. When these 24 hours pass, the white one stops working and the gray one starts to send messages (no buttons). As soon as the client sends anything to the bot, the white one gets activated again. All this happens unnoticeably to the ones who DM.

What is this 24-hour window?

It is a period of time since the last sent client message. During this window the bot can interact with the client, send them messages with buttons, and send mailings. After those 24 hours these abilities are lost and you have 7 additional days to manually (through the Clients section) sne da reminder or help to resolve the client’s issue. As soon as they answer, the 24-hour window is activated again.

For example, you’ve sent a message with a button. This button will be active even after the hours pass, but you won’t be able to send the client other messages until they press the button or send you a text message.

How do I put an image, a text and buttons all in the same message?

For this you’ll need inline-buttons, and in the Attachment settings to attach the image (must choose the Image attachment type) and add the text.

Can I create a mailing using the bot to all opened dialogues on Instagram?

You can. Connect the white Instagram and add a button “Upload clients you have already had the chat with”. Then turn the white Instagram off, connect the gray one and send the messages. Preferably, the text would be randomized. Don’t forget to create intervals, 30 at the very least.

When verifying the subscription - how do I make it so the bot doesn’t send True or False to the client?

In the field Answer don’t put in the variable that holds these values.

Is there a function to delete the messages that were sent by the bot earlier?

There is no such function on Instagram.

How do I create a random text of a comment under a post on Instagram?

More on how to work with comments you can read in detail here

Let’s use the example of sending a randomly chosen comment to a client:


The method select_random('str1|str2') is responsible for the selection of the random line. The method insta_create_comment("str") is responsible for sending the answer to the comment under the post that the client commented on.

How to separate the workflow into different logins - I have two Telegram bots and two Insta bots in the project.

The answer is simple in the variable section there’s a important for you variable #{group}. Exactly it holds the name of the bot the account is connected to (in the client’s card you’ll see its value in “Tied to the bot”).

Now an example:


The variable can be used in arrows in the section “Variable for comparison” or in the conditions of the command If() - this depends on your technical requirement.

In the Clients section you'll see that the dialogues are separated:


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