Manual mailings

How to create bot mailing lists, newsletter chains, client filtering

The mailing list functionality is only available on "Standard" and "Premium" tariffs. In the test mailing period, the same is not available.

Mailing lists can be done in two ways: from the mailing list menu

Or directly from the bot editor, by selecting the block and clicking to the right of the "Create a mailing list". In the same way you can start the mailing chain by setting the appropriate time intervals in the arrows.

Message chains are very popular in messenger marketing. It is a mechanism when several messages are scheduled to a user with a certain amount of time, fueling their interest. It can also be used as reminders before the event, sending them a week in advance, etc. before the scheduled time.

When sending from the block, the status of clients will be changed, that is, if they have stopped at some stage of the funnel, they will transfer them to the one from which the dispatch goes. If you do not need to "knock out" users from the chain, use the "Not Condition" blocks.

Consider the form of the mailing list creation

In this form you can specify the text of the message, add an image or a file. The filter "Registered before" does not include the entered number, and the "Registered after" includes. In the "filter type" box, you can also choose to whom the mailing list will be sent. These are either clients in some specific states in the bot (for example, who started communication with the bot and did not continue), or you can upload the list of clients or applications, open them in the background and filter on any gender and property by creating the necessary mailing list. After filtering you should upload the file back in csv format in the form below. How to do this in detail is outlined in this article

To send a CSV file, you need only specify the client ID in the constructor in the first column. This allows you to create a mailing list from the list downloaded from the Lida section (it contains all user variables).

Here you can also filter clients via messengers and send a newsletter, for example, only to users from Telegram. Or select the clients who wrote the bot before/after a certain date.

List Filter: You can select the lists you want to send and at the same time exclude the lists that you do not need to send:

You can also choose the messengers that will be sent:

Figure 6 shows a field in which you can divide the mailing list into several parts. For example, you have 1,000 customers and you want to send 200 clients a message today, and tomorrow the remaining 800. To do this, in the field "Offset relative to the first client" you should put 0, and in the field "Number of clients to send" 200. The next day, you put 200 in the first field, 800 in the second.

After you create a mailing list, you immediately plan to send messages. This allows you to track the result of sending messages. Once a mailing list has been created, you can see the number of messages that have not been sent.


Mailing messages will not disappear under any circumstances. Until the message is sent, the sending task will not be deleted, that is, if there are any problems in the bot, it will not disappear, but will be sent when they are corrected.

The mailing rate for text messages is higher than 10 messages per second. If a message is sent from a block and you want to follow a certain logic when sending a message, the speed slows down.

The mailing list is sent according to the time of your project!

DO NOT UPLOAD PHONE NUMBERS! Whatsapp phone numbers are uploaded in the connection section of the Whatsapp bot. Read it in this article

If clients are duplicated in a file, the client will be added to the mailing list only once.

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