What mini-landing are and how to create them

You can not take links from buttons of mini-landings. They are temporary and tied to the visitor. If you need links to messengers, you can take them in the section of mini-landings.

Mini-landing is a small page with basic information about you or your business and buttons to go to the messengers to which we have a bot tied. How your mini-landing will look depends only on your imagination. They are created in the mini-landings section,as well as the settings for creating your chat site.

Example of the mini-landing:

For users accustomed to the mini-landings of other platforms, the style of "Classic minilanding" was made.

Buttons of social networks will be automatically created on the basis of bots. Connected by you. There will be one button per messenger if it is connected.

How to create a mini-landing

The basics

These are the main mini-landing settings:

On the Basics tab you can create basic settings for the future mini-landing:

▶️ In the section “The cover” you set the mini-landing’s cover. Recommended image size for different format:

You can place the image through a link or download it through the “Drag file here or click to select” button.

▶️ In the section “The content” you can set the title and the description of the mini-landing:

  • The title - just like the title of the site, it’s the text that is shown at the very top of the mini-landing.

  • Description - in other words, it’s the subtitle in which you can describe your services and products.

▶️ In the section “Additional settings” you can set:

  • The name in the list of mini-landing - it can be any text of yours;

  • Name in the link - an optional field, you can set your own link to the mini-landing.


    • You can only use numbers and Latin letters;

    • The name has to be unique within the platform; if it’s already been taken by someone else, then you won’t be able to use it.

  • Browser tab name - by default it’s the same as the title.

  • Tag - the mark that is transferred to the bot as soon as the user opens it through the messenger icon. With its help you can launch different bot chains without waiting for the user to send anything. To do this, just paste the tag into the Conditions bar in the green block.

  • In VK, the main description and title are taken by default - but you can still change them if you wish to.

All values you input are visible in the Preview window and that helps tremendously with the process of configuring the mini-landing.


The next tab is Messengers. Here you can set display settings for various messengers and set which bot gets launched with this mini-landing (if you’re using more than one messenger-bot of one kind).

Let’s look into the settings with greater details.

▶️ In the section “Initial WhatsApp message” you can set the first message in Whatsapp - this text will be pasted into the client’s input field as soon as they open the chat through the mini-landing and all they will have to do is press Send. Write this text down in the green block’s conditions.

▶️ In the section “Displaying buttons in mini-landing” you can set the display style of the buttons (Icon only or Icon with text) and also set the list of the transferred buttons that lead to corresponding messengers.

Form settings

In the “Form settings” tab you have the opportunity to create quizzes, polls.

For each new question you are able to specify the text of the Question, the Field type, the Variable to which the chosen answer gets written to and the list of possible Answers.

The setting "Field type" lets you set what type the answer field is. Let’s look into each one in detail:

  • The drop-down list - the list of answers will be displayed on the screen as a field with the list;

  • Multiple choice - multiple choice from a list of possible answers;

  • Single choice - there is only one possible answer from a list of possible answers;

  • Text field - the field in which the client has to place the value themself;

These next types can be used in the form only once:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Phone

The fields "Question" and "Variable" are mandatory to fill out and are marked with an asterisk (*).

Here’s an example of the question configuration with the Single choice type:

If the question is marked as mandatory, the client won’t be able to close the form without answering the posed question.

There is an opportunity special for Telegram to open quizzes in a special pop-up window:

To connect the ability to display the quiz on Telegram, you need to:

1. Copy the mini-landing’s id (numbers only, no #). This number is mentioned as mini_landing_page_id from so on:

2. Then you use one of these functions in the Calculator field:

quiz_link_timeout(mini_landing_page_id, minutes) - the second parameter minutes is the amount of minutes the link lives for

quiz_link_date(mini_landing_page_id, date, time) - date (DD.MM.YYYY) and time (HH:MM) of the link’s life

quiz_link(mini_landing_page_id) - created the link without a life span (lives forevaa)

3. Then you create a Telegram Web Application type button and set the name of the variable in brackets with a hashtag:

It’s important to check if the name of the variable was written down correctly in the Advanced button settings:

Attention! Be careful when using links without a life span: if the link gets sent to someone else and they also take part in the poll, then their result gets written down for the client for whom the link was created in the first place.


This section is useful for advertising purposes, which we go into with more detail here

CSS and JS

HTML code head and body.These aren’t mandatory but if you speak CSS, then you can make your mini-landing prettier. You can also place here the codes from an analytics service, pixel from Facebook, etc.

How to choose a messenger

You can choose which messengers to disable in the Messengers tab.

How to Work with Tag

A tag is a mark that is passed to the bot as soon as the user enters it using the messenger icon. With it, you can start different bot chains without waiting for the user to write something. It is enough to write a tag in the field "Condition" in the green block.

If you click on a link with a subscription key (tag), clicking on the button will not start the dialogue, but this subscription key. This allows you to make several pipelines inside a single project.

The tag is assigned to the client once at creation and remains with it forever. This tag is additionally sent to CRM so you can understand which advertising channel the client came from. For each tag you can create your own mini-landing with a unique tag.

How to work with variables in Mini-landing

How to work with date and time

#{current_time} - current time hh:mm #{current_date} - current date dd:mm:yyyy

This text is shown using variables and add and subtract time and date. Original:

Today in numbers #{current_date} Yesterday in numbers #{current_date-1} Tomorrow in numbers #{current_date+1} Now in numbers #{current_time} Time for now + 30 minutes #{current_time+30} Time for now - 30 minutes #{current_time-30} Today in letters #{current_date_ru} Tomorrow in letters #{current_date_ru+1} 2 days ago in letters #{current_date_ru-2}

How to use the conditional statement IF

#{if(condition,if true,if false (optional))} - prints variables under certain condition

The condition may be h - clock and d - days that are compared by comparison operators (<,>,=) For example, if it’s 20 hours, then #{if(h10, #{if(h>15, current_date+1, current_date+}}, current_-1)}

How to Get Day of the Week

#{weekday_date(day number of the week)} - date of the nearest specified day of the week in dd format and month name

1 - Monday, 7 - Sunday

How to use Html - code in mini-landing

If you need to change the mini-landing to suit your needs, you can add a script to the field html-code body, which will make the necessary changes.

This script removes the title of the mini-landing


For example, the script below changes the link of the telegram button.

document.getElementsByClassName('btn telegram_link')[0].href = "new link";

How to make buttons with text

Open the edit of the required mini-landing. In the list "Forced button view" select "Classic style"

Add the following code to the "This html code will be inserted at the end of the ":

For Telegram and Viber (for other messengers do by analogy):

html .block .tg_link { font-size: 0 !important; padding: 15px 15px !important; } html .block .viber_link { font-size: 0 !important; padding: 15px 15px !important; } html .block .tg_link:after {content: "Sign up Telegram";font-size: 15px;color: white} html .block .viber_link:after {content: "Sign up Viber";font-size: 15px;color: white}


How to use Pixels in social networking

Pixel Facebook

To use a pixel, you must have to set your own domain!

Register pixel on facebook ads

Go to Events Manager:

Open a menu and select Events Manager

Then click on the green cross on the left and choose:

  • Connecting a New Data Source - WEB

  • Choose how to connect - Pixel Facebook

  • Enter the pixel name

Then select Install Code Manually

Copy code

It can also be copied after creation, here:

Then we go to the settings of mini-landing and insert this number in the corresponding field:

This setting is complete. Now Facebook will receive two events:

PageView - viewing the mini-landing page

Lead - when you press one of the messenger buttons

After configuring the pixel and going to the page where it is installed (or clicking on a button of some messenger), you can see test events. If there are, then the pixel is set correctly.

How to work with analytics

How to create end-to-end analytics

To create end-to-end analytics, you can enable the client’s cookie values to be transferred to the bot on the mini-landing. And further transfer them to end-to-end analytics systems. For example, in Roistat.

How to connect Google Analytics

To connect Google Analytics to your mini-landing, insert your "Data Flow Identifier" into the first field. To find it, go to the "Administrator" page, select your account, select or create a resource and click on the "Data Flows" button, go to the already created or create a new data stream and copy its ID in the upper right corner.

Adding this field is like adding a tag to an html page

In the second field you can enter the name of the conversion event. For clicks on the messenger buttons to cause a conversion event, you need to create a conversion event in the "Conversions" section. The name of the conversion event can be any, it needs to be passed to the mini-landing settings. The conversion event will be triggered by pressing any button on the mini-landing.

If you want to separate conversions for different messengers, the name of the conversion event should end with the bottom underscore "_"

If you enter in the field "Name of conversion event" "click_button_", each messaging will have a different conversion.

click_button_telegram - for Telegram

click_button_viber - for Viber

click_button_whatsapp - for Whatsapp

click_button_instagram - for Instagram

The name of the conversion event itself can be any, the main thing is that at the end there is a lower underscore. To it will be added the name of the messenger.

The conversion event after creation can be updated to 24 hours. To verify, you can create a conversion event and test it in the "Real Time Report" section at the bottom of the page in the "Conversions" box, if all is set correctly, there will be names and number of conversions.

How to transfer settings and UTM labels

This mechanism works in Telegram, Viber, Facebook. In Whatsapp and Instagram works when using the visit_key variable.

The settings are saved to client variables.

Using mini-landing

All parameters that will come to the mini-landing, after the client starts the bot will go to the variables of the transaction.

Not using mini-landing

You can use the proxy links to which you pass the parameters, and after running the bot they will also fit into the transaction variables.

The parameter link should be: where the first part of the link (before the sign ?) is a proxy link, and the second part is your parameters

Proxy links can be obtained after the creation of the mini-landing:

Displays the links of the messengers that are connected to the system.

WhatsApp Features

Since there is no deeplink in WhatsApp, it is necessary to add a variable in the starting phrase of WhatsApp, by which the bot will determine with what parameters the Whatsapp was launched.

The variable is called. #{visit_key}. When you switch to WhatsApp, it will be replaced with a code number.

after the replacement

Subscribe to Instagram

Previously, the variable #{visit_key} was used, and its value was set in the "Initial WhatsApp message" section, which helped you track with which parameters Instagram was launched.

Now you can transfer your referral parameter using a deeplink.

With the use of referral parameters you can:

  • track links tied to different sources (channels);

  • tie the Instagram user to a seance or an account in a third-party app;

  • lead the user to specific content or functions available in your Instagram account.

The parameter REF_PARAM is transferred to the server through a webhook.

An example:

If you add this script to your site, all variables with which the site was opened will be transferred to the bot.

var links = document.getElementsByTagName("a")
for (let i of links) {
    if (i.href.startsWith("")) {
        if (i.href.split("?").length > 1) {
            i.href += "&" +"?")[1]
        } else {
            i.href +=

If you need to type in a bot of cookies analytics, place the script below on the site:

var links = document.getElementsByTagName("a")
var cookies = ['_fbc', '_fbp', '_ga', '_ym_uid', 'roistat_visit']
var cookies_string = ''
    let cookie_val = get_cookie(cookie_name);
    if (cookie_val !== undefined) {
        cookies_string += (cookies_string != '' ? "&":'') + cookie_name + "='" + cookie_val + "'";
for (let i of links) {
    if (i.href.startsWith("")) {
        if(i.href.split("?").length > 1){
            i.href += "&" + cookies_string
            i.href += "?" + cookies_string
function get_cookie(name) {
    let matches = document.cookie.match(new RegExp("(?:^|; )" + name.replace(/([\.$?*|{}\(\)\[\]\\\/\+^])/g, '\\$1') + "=([^;]*)"));
    return matches ? decodeURIComponent(matches[1]) : undefined;

The script should be placed on all pages of the site where there is a proxy link. The script should be placed after the tag body.

If you use your domain for proxy links, will have to be replaced with it.


Statistics is counted on bot launch is considered in messengers: Telegram, Viber, Facebook and Whatsapp

Statistics on the opening of the mini-landing, clicks on each button of the messenger, start the bot is considered.

How to transfer your phone number and Email from mini-landing to a bot

You can add phone number and email input fields to a mini-landing in the Form settings tab.

As a result, mini-landing will have such an appearance:

After the bot's launch, the phone number and the email address are written in the lead's variables.

How to configure automatic Country Code Detection

When you enable the checkbox "Identifying the country code by the user's IP address", the country code is automatically determined by the phone number from the IP base (if there is one), otherwise the code specified in the field "Country code by default" is placed.

Thus, if the "Country code by default" field specifies, for example, Kazakhstan, and the autodetection of the country code by ip address, then first the code will be searched by phone number from the IP address database. If the number is found, the country code from the phone number will be taken, otherwise it's taken from the field "Country code by default", i.e. Kazakhstan code.

How to insert buttons to you on the site

To integrate the bot to your own site, you need to create a mini-landing on Salebot and find the button "Website code" in the list of mini-landings:

This code (as seen below) needs to be placed to a block to your website.


WhiteLabel - how to set your own domain

This feature allows you to work with advertising on Facebook. Because the FB requires domain confirmation.

The domain must have an A record with the IP address

The domain attached to the Salebot must not have AAAA or CNAME records. There should be either only an A record (with the contents, or only an ALIAS record (with the contents of The second option is preferable: nothing will break if the IP address changes

How to create A Record in namecheap

A Record (Address Record) maps a domain name to an IP address.

Click the add new record button in the Hosting List section.

Create an A record. Enter your Email in the Host field.

Then enter the IP address of your mail server in the Value filed. Click the check button to save your changes.

After you set the A record, wait until you see this page when you switch to the domain.

The bold color will be your domain, example's in the screenshot below:

You can now connect your domain to Salebot

To add a domain, click the "Set Your Domain" button in the created mini-landing.

Then enter your domain and click Set domain.

If you see the error "Failed to create certificate", you may have made many attempts before that. Wait around an hour and try again.

That’s all. All mini-landings links will be with your domain.

Confirmed domain works on all mini-landings created by you

The domain will run under a secure protocol https

SSL certificate is created automatically

To disable a domain, delete it and click "Done"

If you see this error, reconnect the domain:

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