Random answers in a bot

The bot can send a random response, a random part of the response, a random number, or go to a random way

If you have a task to send customers various random answers, then use the following description. It is possible to send both phrases as a whole and individual words, numbers and attachments. If you want to send a phrase, you should split the answer options with <$> symbols, for example:

Sending a random attachment:

Similar to the phrase. URL must be separated with <$> characters, for example:

Sending a random number:

  1. You must call the random function, specify a lower bound and upper bound to create a random number, and assign a variable to it.

  2. Display the value by placing the variable name in #{}, for example:

Sending a random part of the offer:

There is a hypothesis that Whatsapp mails have a lower chance of being blocked if you do not send the same message, but modify it a little.

The random part of the sentence is highlighted by curly brackets, and the variants by a vertical line, for example:

{Hi|Hello|Good Day}. I want to {invite on|offer|sell} my mega training.

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