Editing text message

How to make the text bold? How to make the text italics? How to move a string inside a variable?

How to edit text in messengers

How to edit in Telegram

To edit the text in the desired block, open the "Advanced settings" and switch "Markdown in Telegram":

If this block contains characters from the following: '_', '*', '[', ']', '(', ')', '~', ' `', '>', '#', '+', '-', '=', '|', '{', '}', '.', '!' Otherwise the message will not be sent at all.

It does not matter what part of the text you mark.

Example: Hello!\ Nice*to*see*you!

Text shielding is possible both manually and in the calculator using the function

txt = tg_escape(s)

The input is represented by s - a string with the source code.

The output in txt comes a line already with inserted locks in the desired places.


Next, mark the text you want:

To make the text bold, put asterisks on both sides: *here text*

For italics - bottom underline: _text_

Underlined text - two lower underscores on both sides: __text__

Strikethrough text - tilda on both sides of the text: ~text~

Reference in text: [text in square brackets] (reference in parentheses) inline URL

Reference to TG user: [text in square brackets](reference to user in parentheses). In the link after the sign you can use #{platform_id} inline mention of a user

Text as code - on both sides of the text put inverse apostrophe: ̇inline fixed-width code™


How to edit text in Viber

Text markup does not work in Viber:


How to edit text in Whatsapp and Facebook

Whatsapp and Messenger Facebook support bold text with * and _:




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