Quick actions

The article will tell how to use the editor’s features to the maximum

How to use quick actions with blocks

When hovering on the block, 5 icons will appear at the top : copy, delete, create an arrow, remove all the arrows of this block,connect to another sheet.

How to Create an Arrow

To connect the blocks, we need an arrow icon

With this function you can create a new block (copy of the original) connected to the previous arrow

To connect two existing blocks you need to put the mouse on one block on the another.

How to delete block

To delete blocks, we need the - Trash icon. You can also delete the block with the "Delete" on the keyboard

​How to create empty blocks

To create an empty block, double left click on the empty area.

How to remove an arrow

We need a scissor icon to remove all the arrows.

By clicking this button, you will remove all arrows attached to this block

How to copy the desired block

To copy the blocks, we’ll need a copy icon

How to conduct group transactions

How to select the desired area

1 way

To select a set of blocks, press Ctrl and select the desired area with the left mouse button.

2 way

To select specific blocks you need to press Ctrl and left mouse button to select them one by one

How to Copy Selected Blocks

To copy the selected blocks, click on the selected icon or press Ctrl+C. Next click in the empty area where you want to copy the selected elements

How to delete selected blocks

To delete the selected blocks, press Trash icon or "Delete" button

How to drag selected blocks

You can drag the selected blocks freely by holding down the left mouse button

How to undo the actions

Undo button

By clicking this button you can undo the last steps. You can also undo the action by pressing Ctrl+Z

Return button

With this button you can return the undone action. You can also return the action by pressing Ctrl+Y

How to carry out actions with the map

By clicking on this button you can hide or show the map.

How to change the scale

2 way - pull the corner that is indicated in the picture.

3 way - hold Ctrl and scroll the mouse wheel

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