Blocks "not State"

We tell you what is the "Not a Condition" block and how to work with it to create mailing chains

There are three types of blocks into which you cannot go: "Reminder", "Not Condition", and "Not state with condition". By the way, a quick answer is "No state with condition". Cannot navigate means that the user will receive a message from this block, but will not escape from the main pipeline chain.

Block: Not state with condition

Not state with condition - this is a dark gray block.

The priority of this block is minimal, which means it will work last ​

Block: Not State

Not a state is a gray block. It has no condition, it also cannot be converted

​ From blocks without state, it makes sense to make only arrows with timer! Since you can not go to the block, and therefore you can not leave. Such blocks should start the mailing chain.

When you start a message on a timer, cancel other messages with a timer, so that they are not canceled, remove the switch on the arrow "Cancel messages with a timer" ​


The person writes hello and is permanently placed in the "TEST" block as the loop prevents him from leaving. In parallel, there is a mailing list that a customer cannot leave.

Block: Reminder

Salebot does not recommend using this block. If it is used incorrectly, it can cause a lot of problems.

For the "Reminder" block, see the link. It is not a condition, as its purpose is to motivate the person to continue in the pipeline, and if there is a transition into it, the pipeline will break. If you need to go to it or put buttons in it to go to other blocks, it is recommended to make below the block "Dialogue State" with minimum timer 0.

Block "Reminder" will work only 5 times per dialog. This is done to minimize problems from its misuse.

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