Getting files from the user

The article describes the ways to determine if the user sent a file, how to get its link and how to work with it the right way.

To determine if the user has sent a file (further on a photo, a file, a video etc. are all represented by the same word) you need to enter attachement_message in the condition link in the image below:

After the file has been sent, two variables are created: #{attachments} - the url of the attachment in the JSON format #{attachment_url} - this variable has the usual url link to the attachment to transfer it to the AmoCRM, Bitrix24 etc.

If your project uses several attachments from the user then we can suggest you assign each of their urls their own variable. To do this, you need to find the field “Variable assignment” or “Calculator” in the answer block settings enter Your_variable = #{attachment_url} like in the image below.

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